Gel Nails At Home Made Easy

August 09, 2017

Theres something about having your nails done that just gives you that extra pip in your step. It makes me feel more put together, gives me that little confidence boost but also gives me an excuse to give myself a little bit of tlc from time to time, which I know we all can do with every now and then.
I've recently been trying out a new at home gel nail kit that has seriously wowed me, which i've featured a couple of times but I wanted to give it a proper review as i've started to steer away from beauty review, and it's something I want to bring back to my blog as I love reading them as much as love writing them.

If you saw my few recent posts (Summer Gel Nail Look / May Favourites) then you'll know how much i've been loving and how long i've been testing out the Nadia Gel HNC Gel Nail Kit* ($99.99) these past couple of months. For me being able to do gel nails in the comfort of my own home is something i've longed for, especially when you just can't fit in a nail appointment around everything else that is going on in your busy schedule. 

The kit itself is great because it contains everything you could possibly need to achieve beautiful salon quality gel nails at home, all of which is housed in a small carry case which is easy to store and fits everything in perfectly. The kit itself contains four nails shades (all of which are stunning), base and top coat, nail cuticle oil, LED lamp & plug, nail file, cuticle pushers and nail art stickers to finish off your nail look.

The first thing that instantly drew me to this nail kit and gets a round of applause from me is the fact that it doesn't use UV to set your nails, instead the lamp contains a LED light that sets your gel nails in place just as a UV light would, and it means you aren't exposing your hands/skin to the harm of UV. I also find that the LED light sets and cures the nails a lot quicker, in comparison to UV light lamps that i've used in the past. 

As for the gel polishes themselves, they are of an amazing quality and match up to the likes of other gel nail brands i've had the pleasure of trying out. They typically take a good two coats, as most gel nail polishes do and the base, and top coat work wonders to make the gel polish stay put. Now I switch up my nails every 2-3 weeks, and typically every set of gels i've ever had have lasted that full length without any chips or peeling, of which these also lived up to which is really impressive, especially as my nails/hands go through quite a lot. 

If you too are a lover of gel nails, and love giving yourself a little at home pamper then i'd highly recommend trying out this nail kit from Nadia Gel, as it contains everything you need to achieve at home gel nails as well as giving you an excuse to have some much needed 'me' time!

What are your favourite gel nail brands?

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