Christmas Has Come Early

So today I met up with Amber a friend of mine to exchange christmas presents as I am not going to get chance to see her before Christmas, so I thought i would share what she got me for Christmas as it was really thoughtful and she is obsessed with my blog haha.

So all the little presents came in this adorable box which I absolutely love and I am going to use to store things in.

When I opened the box everything was wrapped but I had already opened everything before I decided to make this blog post. So this is all the little things she got me.

The first present I opened was this amazing Cath Kidson Mug which I adore, Amber knows that I have wanted a Cath Kidson mug for a while now, as you can tell I was so happy when I opened this. She also added some mini marshmallows for hot chocolates too. So cute!

The next present I opened was this Barry M Nail Varnish in shade Coral which again I have wanted for ages but haven’t got round to purchasing myself. So I was very excited to see this amongst my presents!

The next two presents I opened were these Lush bath bombs which were wrapped in the floral scarf you can see underneath the bath bombs ,which I could also smell as soon as opened the box. I haven’t used many Lush products for a long time but Amber and I have been recently stopping off at Lush whenever we are out and about shopping in town and I have kind of rekindled my love for Lush.

So the last present in my box was this cute little trinket shell box which is so adorable and such an Amber thing to buy someone, I love it. I’m definitely going to use it to store my rings or earrings in.

Thank you Amber for all of these adorable gifts 🙂

Have any of you had any early Christmas presents?