Haul: Ikea, Boundary Mills and ASOS

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the fact that it is friday, the weekend has begun!

Today I went out to Ikea and Boundary Mills and picked up a few bits and bobs, also when I got home my ASOS order had arrived. Until 9am this morning ASOS had an amazing offer of 30% student discount so I snapped up a few things that I had my eye on.

Mint Jumper – ASOS, Khaki Coat – ASOS, Draw Set (left) – Ikea, Draw Set (right) – Ikea, Washbag – Boundary Mills, Nerds – Boundary Mills, Duvet Set – Ikea

As you can see I picked up a fair amount of things, but today was payday and I didn’t actually spend a lot. So first of all we went to Boundary Mills which is a big outlet store that sells mainly clothes but also home wares and furniture. I picked up this really cute wash bag which was reduced to £12, I thought would be really handy for when I am down in London for my placement as I am crashing at my friends flat whilst I am there and I could keep all my toiletries all neat and organised. I also picked up the two packets of Wonka Nerds which I love!! They were by the counter when I went to pay which were £2.70 each which I thought was fairly good as nerds are normally around £4 a box!

Next we went to Ikea, as we are moving house later this year we decided to start looking at furniture to get idea’s as I am looking to buy everything brand new for my room as my current furniture isn’t going to fit. Anyway, whilst we were there I picked up the two drawer sets which I have had my eye on for ages as I am looking for way to store my makeup and nail varnishes and I thought these would be perfect! I also picked up the floral duvet set as I thought it was really cute and was only £15, bargain!!

Finally onto my ASOS order, which I have been quite excited to receive as I’ve had my eye on these two items for a while. The first was the mint jumper which I first saw featured on Tilly – Jane‘s blog (go check her out if you haven’t already) and I have liked it ever since and seeing as mint isn’t normally a colour I would wear I knew that I had to have it, so seeing as ASOS were offering the student discount for 48 hours I took full advantage and ordered the jumper there and then! The second thing I ordered was the coat, as I am going on placement for a month I’m going to need a few coats to get me through the cold walks down Oxford Street. I seem to be loving khaki coats lately and this one is so nice but it is a little big so I may return it and order a size 8.. not sure yet! haha.

Have you been buying anything this payday?!