January GlossyBox

Hello everyone, hope you are having a good day 🙂 Yesterday my GlossyBox arrived and I did want to put the review up yesterday but I thought I would try out a few of the products so I could review them properly. 

This months GlossyBox is all about a detox after all the festivities over the christmas period and to get you feeling and looking refreshed and ready to start the year ahead.

The products I received in this months GlossyBox are as follows:

♥ Elemis Skin Glow Facial Exfoliator: I have never heard of this brand before but this exfoliator is described to cleanse deeply in your pores to soften and condition the skin. This I can totally agree with this, I tried this out before I went to bed last night after cleansing and my skin felt so smooth and it’s smells amazing as it has a cherry scent to it. 

♥ Duck Island Limited Body Lotion: Again I have never heard of this brand before and as I am not a big fan of body lotions as I don’t tend to use them, so I wasn’t that excited to receive this in my GlossyBox but when I tested it out it left my skin feeling so so soft which I wasn’t expecting as it seemed a little oily when I first applied it to my skin and the scent is quite nice as well.

♥ Jason Lips Bee Healthier: When I first opened my GlossyBox I thought this was a Burts Bee’s lip balm but it is very similar as it is made from aloe and beeswax but the scent is almost identical to after eights chocolates (strange I know!). It is described to moisturise and protect the lips which I totally agree with I could feel it working as soon as I applied it as my lips started tingling and it left my lips feeling so soft. This is probably my favourite product from this months GlossyBox.
♥ Monu Aromatic Mask: Just like all of the other products this again isn’t a brand I have heard of before but I can see myself liking this face mask as I love a good face mask. It is described to slightly warm when applied to the skin opening up the pores to give a refreshed and smooth complexion. I haven’t had chance to try out this product but I really do think I am going to like this product from the warming qualities to the aromatic scent.

♥ Preme Skincare Rescue Face Tonic: There seems to be theme of not knowing any the brands in this months box haha, but this face toner described for the use on combination skin which I have, is to rejuvenate congested skin without stripping the skin. This toner sounds like one that i’m going to enjoy using, after testing it out this morning my skin did feel a little refreshed but I think it will take a few more uses to get the full effect of the product.

As a little extra present from GlossyBox they have included this eye mask which is really cute and i’m sure I will get some use out of it as I have to sleep in the pitch black otherwise I won’t sleep.

Overall i’m not that impressed with this months box, I like the idea of detoxing your skin after the new year and I like some of the products but i’m not really excited by any of the products like in previous boxes. As I purchased this box with my Glossy dots i’m not too bothered as I didn’t pay for it. 

Have any of you received your GlossyBox yet? What did you think of the products in your box?