Lush ‘Sex Bomb’ Bath Bomb Review

As I received this Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb as one of my christmas presents I thought I would give you a little review to share with you my experience on it and if you have wanted to try this bath bomb but haven’t hopefully I can give you an idea of what it would be like.

Step by step process in pictures:
TL: Sex Bomb Bath bomb, TR: Bath bomb fizzing in the water, BL: Bath water after the bath bomb has finished fizzing, BR: Flower that comes out of the bath bomb.

Aesthetics: I find this bath bomb really pretty and unexpected for the name, as I wouldn’t imagine a pink/purple bath bomb with a flower in the middle being called sex bomb but either way I think it is really pretty especially as you are left with the flower once the bath bomb has finished fizzing.

Scent: If you do not like floral scents then you probably won’t like this bath bomb too much as it has a very strong floral smell to it which I could just about bear with as I do like floral scents but it is quite potent, but it does wear off after a little while. 

Bathing Experience: Whilst soaking in the brightly coloured pink water I felt very relaxed and I really liked the colour it turned the water, it made a change to clear boring bath water!

Pre-Bathing: After I got out of the bath my skin felt very soft and I had small scent to my skin from the bath bomb which actually smelt really nice as it was quite subtle.

Personally I really like this bath bomb, not as much as some Lush bath bombs I have tried but I would definitely buy this bath bomb again as I really liked the colour it turned that bath and I think it looks so cute, it’s not everyday you get a bath bomb with a flower in the middle is it?! haha.

Have you tried this bath bomb before?