Collective Haul: Primark, River Island and Savers

As you can tell from the title, you can see that this is another haul post as I know how much you guys enjoy reading my hauls as much as I like sharing them with you! On Monday I went into my local town with my friend Amber as I needed to post a few things and pick up some bits and bobs so here is what I picked up.

Coat – River Island (£40 in the sale).
Pj Bottoms – Primark (Both £5), Tights – Primark (£2ish..), Socks – Primark (£3ish..)

Nivea Primer – Savers (£3.59), Carmex Cherry – Savers (£2)

 River Island – So from River Island I picked up this amazing coat which was in the sale section but with no sale tag so I wasn’t sure if it was the sale but thankfully it was and it was the last one! It was reduced from £70, to £40 which I thought was really good and as I returned the coat I previously bought from ASOS I needed to find another, so great bargain!

Primark – From Primark I just picked up a few essentials as I was in need of some new tights for work and some black socks as all of mine have for some reason gone missing so I picked up those and whilst we were in Primark I ended up looking in the Pj section and ended up buying these two really nice floral pj bottoms which for £5 each I couldn’t resist and they are so soft and comfy! They also will come in handy for when I am down in London as I don’t really own many pj items, especially to last me a month!

Savers – So we popped in Savers for Ambers benefit and I ended up picking up a couple of items but I love Savers because you really do save money compared to if I was to buy these items from Boots or Superdrug. Anyway, I firstly picked up the cherry Carmex which I literally ran to when I saw it as they had a good range of stuff and I am in need of new Carmex. Then next to the Carmex range they had a nice little Nivea stand and if any of you saw my payday wishlist you will have seen that I wanted to get the Nivea Express Hydration Primer for dry skin which was only £3.59 and it was the last pot so I grabbed it off the shelf and headed to the tills before I bought anything else!

Hope you are all having a good week and I will see you in my next post!