Haul: Topshop Make Up

So I went shopping today on Oxford Street with my friend Jess and splurged a little bit.. Ok a lot! But instead of making one huge blog post on what I bought I thought I would separate it into several blog posts so it’s more for you guys to read and so I don’t babble on for ages!

Anyway, as you can probably tell from the title and images below this is a Topshop Makeup haul (ahhhh) I have been wanting to pick up a few things from the makeup range as my local Topshop doesn’t stock the makeup as it is such a small store so I was super super excited and overwhelmed with the massive makeup section in the Oxford Street store.

‘Beguiled’ (£8) – Topshop, ‘Innocent’ (£8) – Topshop

‘Stolen Sapphires’ (£5) – Topshop ‘Awol’ (£5) – Topshop

As you can see I didn’t go mad but I bought enough things to add to my little collection of Topshop Makeup.

Starting with the lipsticks, so many bloggers rave about these lipsticks from the range of shades to the duration the lipsticks last on your lips throughout the day and of course this meant that I needed to try these out. The lipstick section was quite crammed but I was able to swatch a few shades on my hands before deciding on the shades I wanted. I picked up ‘Beguiled‘ which is a deep plum red shade which I fell in love with as I can never find the right deep red and this was just perfect for me. The next shade I picked up was ‘Innocent’ which, the name says it all it is an innocent light pink shade which isn’t too bright and is subtle enough for me to wear as bright pinks really do not suit my skin tone what so ever.

Onto the nail varnishes, I already own a couple of shades from the Topshop Nails range and I love them, they apply so easily with just a couple of coats and last a really decent amount of time. I decided I would pick up a couple of shades that I don’t already own in different brands as I thought it would be pretty pointless buying shades I already had.. Anyway, the shades I picked up were ‘Stolen Sapphires’ which is a really deep purple tone and I instantly fell in love when I saw the shade as I have never been able to find a deep purple that didn’t look black so I thought this was perfect and from the swatch it shows this. The next shade I picked up was ‘Awol’ which is kind of darker pastel blue (so hard to explain) and I thought it would be perfect to wear in all seasons, it’s very hard to find a nail varnish that can be worn all throughout the year!

Phew, that was a lot of writing. I hope you all liked this post!

Do you own any products from the Topshop Makeup range?