Topshop Haul

Hello everyone I decided to give you all another post as I don’t know how hectic things are going to be as I start my placement tomorrow, eeep! So here is the next part of my haul from Friday when I went to Oxford Street and it’s safe to say Topshop has got to be my biggest weakness ever, I can’t go in there and not buy something!

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how cute the bags are at the moment! I love cats, I’ve always had at least one cat as a pet throughout my whole life so I instantly fell in love with this bag. It keeps looking at me!

‘Oh My Love’ Jumper (£35) – Topshop, Jeans (£38) – Topshop, Notebooks (£4 for 3) – Topshop

Now can I just say, I didn’t really buy much as I could have purchased plenty more! For those of you who have never been to the Oxford St store then just so you know it is huge and so overwhelming I couldn’t take it all in and Miss Selfridge is attached to it and you can walk between the stores, this blew my mind. I was like a kid in a sweetshop! 

Anyway, the first thing I picked up was the Moto Black Jeans, now I have been needing a new pair of these as my previous pair had faded really badly and had shrunk from the washing so it was only right that I got another pair as they fit perfectly and last such a long time which reflects the £38 price tag which I can justify hence why I always go back to Topshop for all of my jeans! 

The next thing I picked up was the Oh My Love Black Fluffy Jumper, now on the bottom floor (I think) they have shoes and then a massive ‘Brands at Topshop’ area which was huge and they had all the brands that are available online and what looked like more but I can’t be sure. Now Jess and I both picked up this jumper we were in awe, it’s so so soft and it comes in black, white and bright pink, now me being me I chose the black because black goes with everything whereas Jess chose the white! When I tried this on it was so static, you could hear it every time you moved and it stuck to my body like a bodycon top would but this didn’t put me off for some reason and the static seems to have subsided which is even better and I am so glad I bought this. I may wear this for my first day tomorrow.. maybe.

Now at this point I was like ‘get me out of this shop before I buy anything else’ so we headed to the tills, where they had plenty of products to entice a last minute buy and of course I noticed the  3-Notebook Pack but I am glad I picked these up as I was silly enough to not pack any stationary and 3 notebooks for £4 isn’t really that bad, the world isn’t going to end!

So that’s my Topshop haul, for now. No doubt I will pick up a few other things seeing as I am going to be on Oxford Street everyday!