Collective Haul: Primark, Newlook & Boots

On Saturday I decided to take a little trip into Oxford Street as I needed to pick up a few things but I ended up picking up a few more things than I had planned to, but I was good and I didn’t spend that much and I didn’t go over board, so I thought I would do a small collective haul on the things I picked up as I know how much you guys enjoy my haul posts!

As you can tell from the title I went to Primark, Newlook and Boots. Now I am so proud of myself as there was so many things in Primark that I could have easily picked up but I resisted!


Black Textured Skater Skirt – Now I saw this when I went shopping the first weekend I got to London but I didn’t pick it up at the time and I wish I had as I ended up having to buy a size 14 as that was the smallest size they had, now as it’s a elasticated skirt I prefer them to be a little bigger otherwise the elastic can get quite uncomfortable throughout the day especially after having lunch but the 14 is quite a good fit, it’s a little loose so I will have to wear a belt with it to keep it in place.

Mint Bobbly Jumper – I saw this on a recent haul of someones on youtube, I think it was Covet The but I’m not 100% sure but anyway I saw this within the knit section and it came in loads of different colours but I really liked the colour of the mint one as it would be easy to use to add a pop of colour to an outfit and I tend to wear a lot of darker colours and I just loved the bobble effect on the knit so I bought it.

Black Hand Towel – Now this may seem like a weird thing to put in a haul but basically I need to re-do my roots but I didn’t bring any of the towels I normally use to London and I didn’t want to ruin my other towels so I just bought a cheap dark towel to use, simples.

Rimmel Nail Polishes – As I was heading to the tills I saw one of those tube things they have full of Rimmel nail varnishes reduced to £2, yes £2!! So I picked up these two shades, the first shade is ‘How Do You Lilac It’ which is a light lilac purple and the other shade is Sky High which is actually a turquoise shade so the name seems a little odd.. oh well!


Nice ‘n’ Easy Hair Dye (Natural Medium Brown Golden) – As some of you may know I have naturally ginger hair and every 3-4 weeks I have to retouch my roots and it’s coming to around that time but I try to leave it longer as my hair is starting to become quite damaged from the constant dyeing of my hair, so after I have dyed my hair with this one I am going to switch and start using semi permanent dyes as these contain less damaging chemicals.

Collection 2000 Multiplier Mascara – As I used up all of my Skyscraper mascara I went to repurchase it to find that it has either been discontinued or the Boots I went in didn’t stock it so I went through all the Collection 2000 mascaras examining the brushes and this one seemed the best.

Collection 2000 24-hour Felt Tip Liner – At the moment Boots have an offer, where if you spend £4.99 or more on any Collection 2000 products you get this eyeliner for free and me being me of course made sure I spent £4.99 which luckily the mascara was priced at so I was able to get this for free, yay!


2 Pack Black Leggings – For some reason when I was packing for London I could only find one pair of leggings when I own about four and after ripping mine at placement on Friday I needed some new ones, as I always throw on a pair of leggings when I get home so I popped into Newlook and bought their trusty 2 pack leggings which I always repurchase as I love them!

So that’s it for my haul today. 

I’m not sure what to post tomorrow so I thought I was do a little vote..

1. Whats in my bag – Handbag

2. Whats in my bag – Hair products essentials

3. H&M haul

Please comment below which one you would like to see and the most popular I will post tomorrow 🙂