Easter Treats!

As Easter is just around the corner and with a fair amount of bloggers cooking up some yummy looking Easter treats I thought i’d share with you guys what my friend Amber and I got up to in the kitchen yesterday!

 Out of pure boredom we decided to make some Easter themed cupcakes but being the lazy people we are we decided that we would make the easiest cupcakes ever that did not really involve that much equipment which meant less washing up and cupcakes that didn’t involve baking them. From the picture above you can probably tell these are corn flake cupcakes, I remember making these so often when I was little and how much I used to love them!

 We didn’t really follow any recipes as these cupcakes are pretty straight forward to make but I’ll do a little rundown of how we made them incase you fancied also making some cupcakes like these as they take such a small amount of time to make. We bought a bunch of chocolate to melt down, a box of corn flakes and then some mini eggs and marsh mallows for decoration.

 We also got the baking books out just for decorative ideas!

So here’s how we made our corn flake cupcakes:

1. Pour a small amount of boiled water into a saucepan and place a glass bowl into the sauce pan. Break up all the chocolate into the glass bowl and melt the chocolate down.

2. Once the chocolate is melted, pour in the corn flakes and stir. We just judged how many corn flakes to mix in.

3. Evenly spoon the cornflake mixture into cupcakes cases.

4. Decorate as you wish.

Easy peasy!!

 So so easy to make and they taste so nice especially with a cup of tea!

Have you been doing any Easter baking?