MAC ‘Please Me’ Lipstick

Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely week, but I cannot believe how much the weather has changed today, rain, sun and snow! When is it going to get warmer?

Today I have a really exciting post for you guys, exciting because this is my first ever MAC lipstick!! As I mentioned in yesterdays post I bought this along with the Toni&Guy products for just £7 from the wonderful Sarah at Flowers at Dawn which I was very happy to pay as a MAC lipstick would normally cost £13-£14. Now this came last week and I was super super super excited to try out this lipstick mainly because like I said above it is my first ever MAC lipstick, ahh! I’ll try to contain my excitement but I can’t promise anything.

‘Please Me’ is a light rose pink shade which I would say doesn’t normally suit my skin tone but luckily this one does and really well at that. Unfortunately I did not get the box with this lipstick so I am unsure what finish the lipstick is but from using the product I would say it is a matte finish which isn’t one of my favourite finishes as it shows up all the dry patches on my lips but I find if I apply vaseline or a lip balm a little while before applying this lipstick it helps to nourish my lips and works with the lipstick to apply really nicely and smoothly to my lips. It lasts really well and I find I only have to reapply after eating but only to touch it up slightly which is always a plus with lipsticks as I tend to forget to put it in my handbag sometimes.

Sorry for the crap lighting, it’s the best I could do. Even messing around with the lighting in Photoshop hasn’t really helped!

If you have never tried out the MAC lipstick range I highly recommend you do, just from owning this one it really shows why people go crazy for these lipsticks especially as they have so many shades you are sure to find a shade or two perfect for you.

I’m so happy with my first ever MAC lipstick and I cannot wait to add more to my collection. I already really want ‘Rebel’ which is a deep pinky plum colour, maybe when my student loan comes in. I hope you guys enjoyed todays post and I will see you in my next post.

Do you own any MAC lipsticks?