MAC ‘Rebel’ Lipstick

For those of you who saw my London Adventure Haul you will have seen that I picked up another MAC lipstick, this one in the shade Rebel which I had seen on a few blogs and I was pretty set on purchasing it and that is exactly what I did! As I have had chance to use the lipstick and really get used to it I thought I’d do a little review on it as a few of you asked me to and thankfully I had already photographed this lipstick as my camera is completely out of battery at the moment.

Rebel – £14 – MAC

 ‘Rebel’ is a deep pink/plum colour lipstick which is super pigmented and what I really like about this lipstick is how well it suits my skintone. Bright pink shades really do not suit my fair skin tone as they just wash me out but I have recently found that darker shades really help to warm up my skin tone and Rebel does just that. Rebel has a satin finish which I prefer so much to the matte finish as it doesn’t dry out my lips and helps to keep them slightly nourished through out the day. Like most MAC lipsticks, this lipstick lasts pretty much all day for me to the point where I have to literally scrub it off but it does tend to stain my lips slightly but most darker/deeper pigmented lipstick do this and personally doesn’t really bother me.

As my camera has ran out of battery I took this picture off my Instagram to show you guys what it looks like on me and against my skin tone. 

I have been wearing this lipstick so much recently, it is for sure my favourite lipstick that I own and I just love everything about it so I am glad I did buy this in the end after feeling super guilty!

Just wanted to add, i’m sorry if i’ve been lacking on posts or if my posts don’t feel all there. Truth be told i’ve kind of lost my mojo this past week with rushing back from London and then also working a lot this week, but hopefully it will come back soon!

Hope you are all well 🙂


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