Nail Polish Storage & Collection

Today instead of posting a review I decided to show you all how I store my nail varnishes and my collection at this current moment seeing as I bought a fair few new varnishes whilst I was in London. Now I did recently have a clear out of the varnishes that I either didn’t ever use or those that had bitten the dust and could not be saved so they needed to be thrown away.

This is the box that I store all of my nail varnishes in and I actually recieved this at Christmas from my friend Amber which if you have read my blog from the start you may have seen this before. It’s the perfect size box at the moment for storing my nail varnishes and hopefully I won’t purchase any new varnishes until the Spring/Summer properly hits the UK.

So this is how all my varnishes are organised, pretty much all the same brand grouped together but I don’t bother putting them in colour order as i’m not that OCD about organisation. I need to put the colour of each varnish on the lid really as it will make it so much easier for to tell which varnish is which.

Below I’m going to list the majority of my varnishes by brand and I’ll list what each shade is for you all with a little rundown of the varnishes performance as a whole.

Nails Inc.

L-R: In Style Candy, (the rest are Crackle Top Coats) Clapham, Islington, Brixton, The East End, Camden, Hackney

 L-R: St James, Caviar Top Coat

All in all Nails Inc. nail varnishes are a fairly good brand. Even though they are quite pricey they come in such a wide range of colours, apply really smoothly with a couple of coats and last a good 3-4 days before they start to chip which in my eyes is all you can ask for with a nail varnish. Even though I don’t own that many I for sure want to grow my Nail Inc. collection as I really like their nail varnishes!


L-R: Turquoise, Mint Green, (unknown), (unknown), Coral.

L-R: Diamond Glitter, Ridley Road, 311 Nail Effects, 315 Nail Effects, Atlantic Road.

BarryM is a brand that I love but for some reason I don’t own that many shades which I find so hard to believe! I love BarryM because they are so affordable with prices ranging between £3-£5 which for a nail varnish is so cheap and these nail varnishes apply so easily with a couple of coats and last for a good few days without chipping. Not to mention a few of these shades I’ve had for a few years and I’m still able to use them, they haven’t even began to go gloopy at all!

I have reviewed the Texture BarryM Nail Effects here.

Topshop Nails

L-R: Easy Breezy, Awol, Stolen Sapphires.

For those of you who don’t know I love Topshop’s Nails range! Even though I only own a few shades, I am unable to purchase these on a regular bases as my local Topshop does not stock the Topshop Makeup which is probably a good thing otherwise I would own a lot more! These nail varnishes are priced at around £5-£6 a bottle which is still fairly cheap but they come in so many shades with every colour in 4-5 different tones as well as glitter and metallic shades also. They apply so easily and last a good few days without chipping. 


 L-R: Big Spender, Recessionista, (unknown), Clambake, True Love.

Essie is a brand that I had never heard of before I began blogging and I have no idea why I didn’t as I now want so many Essie shades! Even though Essie is known for it’s crap lasting power with the varnishes chipping pretty soon after painting, I find I have to apply a couple coats of a top coat to make these properly last but they come in so many pretty shades which all have so many cute names. Priced at around £7 a bottle they can be pretty pricey but you can get them at discounted prices on a fair few online websites.


Sweet as Sugar, Black Cherries, Hot & Spicy, Sky High, How Do You Lilac It?

Another brand of nail varnishes I love and that is Rimmel which is honestly my favourite high street brand as many of the products I use on a daily basis are from Rimmel. Their nail varnishes also live up to Rimmel’s go-to-highstreet brand status as they are fairly cheap and come in a good range of colours from pastels to brights and glitters which is what you would want from a high street brand. They also last a couple of days without chipping, apply really easily with a couple of coat and dry super quick!

Avon, Revlon & Collection

L-R: Sunshine, Coral Beat, Sheer Peach, Charming, Go Retro!

Starting with Avon, I’ve had these for a few years now and to be honest I don’t know why I still have them as I never use them. I find the formula way to thin and watery making it so difficult to get a good coverage that doesn’t have lines through it and they take forever to dry. I have juzt convinced myself to throw these away!

Next onto Revlon, I really like these two that I own and I’m always mooching at Revlon’s nail varnishes as they have some really pretty colours but I just never end up buying them which I don’t know why as I love the two shades I own. They apply really easily with a few coats and dry super quick and last a good few days without chipping. I’m not sure what they are priced at but I can’t imagine them being much over £3-£4.

Finally Collection/Collection 2000 (whatever they are now called) I only own this one shade but I felt it was worth mentioning as these remind me of the BarryM Gelly Paints even though I do not own any I have used some of my friends before and they dry pretty much the same with a slight sign and super quick. They go on super easily and as it’s from Collection these nail varnishes I would have thought are pretty cheap.


 L-R: Fiercely Fiona, Start To Finish (Base & Top Coat).

I don’t own that many O.P.I’s because of them being quite pricey starting from £11 so I tend to go for cheaper options or purchase them off online websites where they are sold at discounted prices. I do find some O.P.I’s can be a little watery but I think it’s sometimes luck on picking up the right bottle but they come in so many cute colours and do last quite a good amount of time especially when I use my Start to Finish Base & Top Coat which is a life saver!!! I will do a review on this soon if you guys want me to?

Top Coats/Treatments

 L-R: Avon Nourishing Treatment, Strong Results, (same as previous), Sally Hansen Double Duty.

I don’t really have that big of a collection of top coats as I tend to use one until I use it all and then either repurchase or buy another. At the moment I am using my O.P.I which I showed you above but these are ones that I have kept for when my nails are needing some extra loving and all of the Avons treatments are really good for my nails by giving them some added nourishment when I have neglected them. The Sally Hansen I have almost used up which was actually my mum’s which I stole off her as I loved it that much. It’s a base and top coat which works so well but it has started to go a little gloopy, but I’ve kept it to remind me to repurchase more than to use it!

So that’s the majority of my nail varnish collection! I do have a few others but they weren’t really that worth mentioning. Hope you liked this post and maybe it has inspired you to purchase some of these or similar shades.

Hope you are all well!