Real Techniques Brushes Haul

Hello everyone, sorry to leave you with no new posts over the last few days but I went home for the weekend to surprise my mum for mothers day and I ended up being really busy which was nice as I got to see a bunch of my friends from work and loads of my family who I haven’t seen in ages! 

Whilst I was at home I was able to pick up all the stuff I had ordered online before I came to London and one of those parcels contained my order from iHerb of my Real Techniques brushes which I have been so excited to receive and the anticipation was made even worse as they took three weeks to arrive but I finally have them and I can actually feel like a proper blogger now!

Core Collection – iHerb, Stippling Brush – iHerb, Powder Brush – iHerb.

 Over the past couple of months I have seen on a few bloggers raving about purchasing Real Techniques brushes from iHerb because of them being priced in US Dollars they work out slightly cheaper than if you were to buy them from Boots and me being the bargain hunter I am I jumped straight on this as I have been wanting to try these brushes out for so long now! To my disappointment, what I saved on my order I then had to pay it in custom charges and handling fees which is slightly annoying but I’ve got them now and that is all the matters.

Anyway the brushes I ordered were the Core Collection which contain the Contour Brush, Buffing Brush, Detailer Brush and Pointed Foundation Brush which really are the core brushes anyone could need or want. I also ordered the Powder Brush which I have seen so many times and with it being such a big brush I thought it would be perfect for applying any powder quite evenly. The last brush I ordered was the Stippling Brush which is similar to the Buffing Brush but they are slightly different as the bristles are shaped differently so they apply foundation slightly different and a lot of people rave about this brush so I thought why not?!

I will do a full review on some of these brushes once I have been able to fully try them out and get used to them but I can say I am loving them all and have used them everyday since getting them!

Have you tried out any of the Real Techniques brushes?