Real Techniques Core Collection Review

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well! Today I am going to review the Real Techniques Core Collection seeing as many of you know I finally got round to purchasing a bunch of Real Techniques brushes and as promised I said would review them for you all so here goes!

For those of you who don’t know (but i’m sure all of you do) Real Techniques is a range of makeup brushes by Samantha Chapman, a youtuber who makes up half of Pixxi Woo and these brushes are very highly raved about in the blogger world.. but I don’t need to be telling you this! 

The Core Collection is made up of four brushes all intended as vital brushes for your brush collection and designed to help you create a flawless look and finish to your skin on a daily basis. All of the bristles on these brushes are made of taklon which is a synthetic fibre that is antibacterial and it is what makes these brushes feel so so soft. The brush handles are made from aluminium which makes them super lightweight and the rubber end makes them easy to hold when applying your make-up. Such a fab design!

The brushes come in this handy padded panoramic travel case which also doubles as a stand and has extra slots for you to carry other brushes around as well. Currently my Stippling Brush and Powder Brush both by Real Techniques are sitting in these extra slots which is super super handy as they are too big and precious to be squished into my makeup bag.

The Buffing Brush, ahh my holy grail when it comes to applying my liquid foundation. This brush is designed to be used with powder or mineral based foundation products and is described to give a full coverage. Now I personally use this when applying liquid based foundations which I know the stippling brush and pointed foundation brush are more tailored for but I just find that this brush buffs liquid foundation amazingly into my skin, giving me a flawless full coverage which I haven’t been able to achieve with any brushes prior to using these. This brush is so so soft and just feels so nice against my skin when applying my foundation, I could happily stroke my face with this brush all day.

The Contour Brush which says it all in the name, this brush is designed to be used to contour your  face by adding definition and creating a sub focus finish. All I can say is hallelujah for this brush, I don’t know what I would do without it! I use this every single day to firstly apply my blush/bronzer as it  blends so nicely giving a really nice even finish as it is the perfect size and shape. I then also use this brush for what it is intended for, contouring the contour areas of my face with the handy use of my Sleek Contour palette. The shape of the brush is perfect for creating a really good definition especially to my cheek bones and is also ideal for highlighting after contouring. 

The Pointed Foundation Brush is designed to be used with liquid based foundation to build a custom coverage from a light coverage to a more heavy coverage depending on the person or occasion. Personally I have not been using this brush for applying my foundation, as I mentioned above I prefer to use the buffing brush for that but I do find this brush comes in very handy when applying foundation or concealer into smaller areas of my face such as under my eyes or around my nose as it is the perfect size for getting into the nooks and crannies of my face. 

The Detailer Brush is a very small brush designed to be used to conceal problem areas or to apply lipstick for long lasting shape and definition. Again I have not been using this brush for what it is designed for, but I use this to fill in my eyebrows as the brush is the perfect size for this job and gives amazing definition and great shape to my eyebrows. I can definitely see that this brush would be great for applying lipstick especially for me as I tend to make a mess of applying my lipstick.

There seems to be a theme of me not using these brushes how they are designed to be used, but we all are individual and all use things in different ways. All in all I love these brushes and I have no idea why I did not purchase these sooner, I don’t think I will ever look back and I definitely want to grow my brush collection even more and purchase more from the Real Techniques range as the brushes are great value for your money because they really do deliver when it comes to performance and there are so many brushes in the range you will be able to find ones that suit you and how you apply your makeup! 

You can pick up these brushes from your local Boots or online from websites like Amazon or iHerb which is where I purchased mine from as they worked out cheaper and there are plenty of money off vouchers floating around for iHerb!

I hope you all enjoyed this review and I will be reviewing my other brushes from Real Techniques over the next couple of weeks as I will not be making any new purchases seeing as London has well and truly cleaned out my bank account, so expect a lot of reviews! 

If there is anything from my recent hauls you would like me to review please let me know 🙂