Toni&Guy Damaged Hair Care Review

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all having a good week so far. For me placement has been pretty hectic today, the only time I stopped was when I had my lunch, but i’m really enjoying it!

Onto todays post, a couple of weekends ago I was browsing through a few blog sales just to see what they had not really thinking about buying anything but I came across some Toni&Guy shampoo and conditioner for damaged on hair on the lovely blog run by Sarah called Flowers at Dawn along with a MAC lipstick which of course I purchased, I know I just can’t resist a bargain. Anyway I thought I would give you guys a review on the shampoo and conditioner as I have literally fallen in love with it and I thought I should share this with you lovely readers.

Now these came in the post early last week and I was super excited as I have heard some great things about the Toni&Guy hair-care range as a whole and I couldn’t wait to try these out from the ‘Cleanse & Nourish‘ range especially as they are aimed at damaged hair which all of you know (as I always go on about it) that my hair is very damaged from the constant dying and heat application to my hair but that night I decided to see what these products had to offer and I was beyond amazed so much so I almost slipped over in the shower but that’s another story.

Toni&Guy Cleanse Shampoo for Damaged Hair

Toni&Guy Shampoo (£5.99) – Boots

This shampoo is described to repair and revitalise dull and damaged hair which I can confirm that it does, so much so that my hair feels like it has been conditioned after I have rinsed this off my hair which I can honestly say no other shampoo has ever done for me. It lathers up really well with a really small amount and washes out really easily without leaving an suds in my hair. It smells so nice but it’s not too overpowering and like I mentioned above it leaves my hair feeling so soft and conditioned which shows that it is really treating the damage to my hair. This shampoo I swear is a miracle product.. for me at least!

Toni&Guy Nourish Conditioner for Damaged Hair

Toni&Guy Conditioner (£5.99) – Boots

Similar to the shampoo this conditioner is described to nourish and revitalise hair in need of repair which my hair for sure does! This conditioner does exactly what it says on the bottle which is always a plus there is nothing worse than a product not doing what it is described to do. Anyway, after shampooing my hair I apply this conditioner to the ends of my hair only as applying conditioner to my roots makes my hair greasy by the following morning which a lot of people find happens and is so annoying, but it’s just something we have to deal with. I leave this conditioner on for a few minutes to allow it to do it’s magic, rinse it off and then comb through my hair. Let me just point out that my hair has never felt so soft and nourished as it did after using this conditioner, this stuff is the work of the gods!

Also from trying out these products by Toni&Guy it has really made me want to try out more products from Toni&Guy especially their range for blonde hair as I think it will work wonders for the ombre part of my hair.

I cannot recommend these products enough, especially if you have damaged or dry hair then these will for sure add that extra nourishment needed and work wonders for you to. Also they aren’t all that expensive, priced at £5.99 each in Boots you can’t really go wrong.

Have you tried out any of Toni&Guy hair-care range?