What’s in My Bag – London Edition

Hello everyone! In my post yesterday I asked you guys to vote what post you wanted to see in todays post and the ‘whats in my bag’ got the most votes so here it is! 

So this is my bag, it’s from H&M which I picked up last week during the unidays 25% offer and I also picked up a few other things which I was going to feature in my H&M haul but I don’t know if I’m going to post that.. Never the less I love this bag, it’s a tote shopper style and has these two handles which allows me to hook it over my arm but there is a strap also which allows me to carry it on my shoulder. I love how it’s a minimal black bag and I think it will be a staple piece in my wardrobe for many years to come. It’s so roomy and has so many little compartments which I can fit so much in especially as I pick up the metro/free magazines on the way home!

And this is what is in my bag that I’m currently using for placement!


Topshop notebook, UO hat, River Island purse (so old but so many card compartments), iPod Touch (very battered), iPhone 4, Vaseline hand cream, Keys, Oyster card & Cath Kidson holder, Topshop Lipstick, Chewing gum and Ibuprofen.

I thought i’d keep this post short and sweet as most of the stuff in my bag is pretty self explanatory and I didn’t want to babble on endlessly like I normally do.

I’m going to do another vote post tomorrow as a lot of you commented and told me what you wanted to see which I think was successful! 

Here are the choices:

1. Review: Soap&Glory Supercat Felt Tip Eyeliner vs Collection 2000 Felt Tip Eyeliner

2. What’s in my bag – Nail polishes

3. Review – Topshop Lipsticks

4. H&M Haul

P.s – Hope you like the new layout!