Getting Back in the Gym

 As you can probably tell from the title this post is all about getting back in the gym after slacking majorly through the winter and with the weather showing us that summer is coming which means bearing some skin is likely to happen. 

Just like plenty of you out there I’m starting to feel more motivated when it comes to my health and with turning 20 this year I know that my metabolism is likely to start slowing down a lot more so i’ve finally given myself the kick I needed and I have started up at the gym again, hurrah and as both my mum and stepdad both go to the same gym I have no excuse not to go! This meant that I needed some new kit as before I didn’t really bother with wearing appropriate footwear and what not so I thought i’d show you guys what I picked up!

Sports Pants – H&M, Sports Bra – H&M, Nike Trainers (£39.99) – Sports Direct

I firstly decided to have a little mooch at the H&M Sports section as my mum has picked up some pretty good stuff for quite reasonable prices in the past and to my surprise I found some really nice pieces as their range seems to have expanded from what I remember. 

The first thing I picked up was the sports trousers/leggings (which I haven’t photographed too well) as when I previously went to the gym I just wore normal leggings which I found I got far to hot in but these have a really nice fit and the fabric is quite breathable and very stretchy so I can do all sorts of things at the gym. They even have a handy little pocket inside the waistband if I was to wear them running.

I also picked up this mint sports bra from H&M as I am loving the colour mint at the moment and I also was in need of a sports bra to hold everything in there haha! This sports bra has a really nice fit with adjustable straps and stretch areas under the arms to allow some movement. I also find it really comfortable and doesn’t rub or irritate like I have found some sports bras in the past.

Finally I had been eyeing up some Nike Free Runs on Sports Direct for a few weeks and when I visited my local Sports Direct they didn’t have any Nike Free Runs in stock but I spotted this pair which are from the Nike Flex Experience range and are very similar to the Free Runs as they are both designed for both running and gym use. I really like these as they are so comfortable, I have not had a blister yet and the mess fabric is breathable meaning my feet don’t get all hot a icky!

It’s safe to say i’m loving being back in the gym! My mum even dragged me to a class last night and let me tell you I ache so much, but it feels good, feels like i’m achieving something!

Hope you are all well!

Have any of you started back at the gym recently? 


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