How to: Cleaning my Make-up Brushes

Sorry for the absence over the last few days but I’ve been pretty busy and I’ve also been hit with the flu so I’ve been trying to rest before heading back to uni soon.

Onto todays post, I have seen a few posts similar to this with everyones own take on how they clean their makeup brushes so I thought I would add my own opinion to this and hopefully give you some tips when it comes to cleaning your own makeup brushes.

As it was getting to around the month mark I thought I had better give my most used Real Techniques brushes a good scrub as well my foundation brushes that I used to use and even though I don’t really use them I still thought I’d wash them instead of leaving them full of all the crap and dirt, ew.

So I decided to do a step by step type of thing so you know exactly how I clean my brushes.

1. I run some warm water and then fill the sink until it is about half full.

2. I then wet the brush that i’m washing until it is soaking wet,

3. Using an ordinary hand soap I wet that and then scrub the brush all over the soap bar getting right into the bristles to ensure i’m getting as much dirt/product out as I can. Normally you can start to see the dirt/product coming out onto the soap bar. 

4. I then give the brush a good swill under the tap to remove all of the soap and dirt.

I normally repeat steps 3-4 until i’m completely satisfied with how clean the brush is.

Once I have washed all of the brushes that I have chosen to wash I then shake them to remove any excess water and then using a clean towel I dab and rub the brushes on the towel until they are pretty much dry as I find the take forever to dry and sometimes I need to use the brushes pretty soon after washing.

And there we have it, nice clean make-up brushes!

I hope you are all well and I hope you all enjoyed this post!


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