March Favourites

Today I thought I would do my favourites from the past month seeing as today is the 1st of April! Seriously where has this month gone, I know I said this in my last favourites post but this year is going so quick it’s unreal!

Onto todays post, just like last month I didn’t want to overload this post so I from all the products that I have been loving I managed to narrow it down to these few products and as some are from the same range or go together I’m kind of classing them as one product if that makes sense!

This month I have been able to discover a lot of new products especially with being in London over the majority of March a lot more has been available to me as I don’t have a lot of brands readily available to me where I live so in a way I think London really allowed me to open up to brands I had not really heard of or those I hadn’t been able to try out. Anyway onto the products i’ve been loving!

Toni&Guy Cleanse and Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner for Damaged Hair: I recently bought these from a blog sale as I have been wanting to try out the Toni&Guy hair care range for so long and as I snapped these up for half the price I couldn’t complain especially as both the shampoo and conditioner are aimed at damaged hair. As I mentioned in my review here I really do love both the shampoo and the conditioner from this range. They leave my hair feeling so soft and super nourished which my hair has been needing for a long time and I feel like I have finally found a miracle product for helping to repair my damaged hair. 

Nars ‘Luster’ Blush: As I’m sure a lot of you saw I finally bought my first ever Nars product whilst ASOS had one of their 25% off for students and I am so happy with my choice seeing as I was unable to swatch this. Even though this is described as a blush it is more of a bronzer in my eyes and I love it! I have used this every single day since it came in the post and is perfect for both an everyday look or a more dressed up look. It’s not too orange and the small amounts of shimmer give such a beautiful finish.

Real Techniques Brushes: As most of you know I also finally got round to ordering some Real Techniques brushes and from my review of the Core Collection here you all know how much I love these brushes especially the Buffing Brush, Contour Brush (both from the core collection) and the Powder Brush because I use these brushes on a daily basis and I honestly do not know what I would do without them now. The Buffing Brush is amazing for buffing liquid foundation into my skin and gives such a flawless finish which I used to find so difficult to achieve. The Contour Brush is perfect for applying blush and contouring my cheeks as the size of the brush head and how the bristles are shaped allows me to get a really nice even and buffed finish to my cheeks. Finally the Powder Brush is the biggest brush I have ever owned but that is what I love, it allows me apply mineral powder to my skin so easily and quickly! Also all of these brushes are super soft!

Calvin Klein Lipstick ‘Fusion’: This lipstick I bought back at the end of February where I think I found my love for deep plum coloured lipsticks! I love this lipstick so much, from the shade which is such an adorable deep pinky colour as well as the finish which has a slight gloss to it which helps to keep my lips nourished throughout the day and it stops the lipstick from staining my lips. Also to add this lipstick was only £1.99!

MAC ‘Rebel’ Lipstick: Finally onto my last favourite and of course it’s my MAC Rebel. Now I know this is super similar to the lipstick I mentioned above but this lipstick could not go without being mentioned! As I mentioned in my review here that I posted a few days ago, I love everything about this lipstick and as it is my second MAC lipstick I just get so much excitement whenever I wear this lipstick, it makes me feel so good. The colour, I feel really warms up my skin tone and adds a really nice pop of colour especially as I wear a lot of black. I also love the satin finish to this lipstick as it doesn’t dry out my lips and leaves them quite nourished but it does mean that this lipstick stains my lips which personally doesn’t bother me as it’s quite easy to get off.

So that is all the products I have been loving this month! 

What have you guys been loving this month?


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