Dove Nourishing Oil/Leave-in-Conditioning Spray

As I have featured this in a few posts recently and I raved somewhat about it in my April Favourites post it was only right to give this a full review for you all wondering whether this product is worth purchasing.

Dove Nourishing Oil/Leave-in-Conditioning Spray – Boots

 This Dove Nourishing Oil/Leave-in-Conditioning Spray is a part of Dove’s Nutritive Solutions range and is described as a lightweight smoothing and defrizzing spray which can be used on either damp hair just after washing or on dry hair to give an extra boost of nourishment in between washes to give your hair a smooth and frizz free look and feel.

 Even though I have only had this product for a couple of weeks it’s definitely one of those products that you can tell if you’re going to like it after just one use and it’s safe to say that I fell in love with this after just one use.

Following the instructions on the bottle I give the bottle a good shake because when the bottle is settled the oil and conditioner separate which I find good because it shows that it does have both oil and conditioner in the formula. I normally apply this when my hair is towel dry just after washing, but I only apply it to the bottom lengths of my hair to avoid my roots going greasy and I then normally leave my hair to dry naturally to fully let this product do it’s job. I also do give my hair a quick spray of this in between washes normally just before I go to bed again to fully let this product do it job. For me I feel as if I have found a miracle product and a cheap one at that! It leaves my hair feeling so nourished and so smooth that i’m constantly stroking and touching my hair because it feels that nice. It also has a really nice subtle smell to it that is quite hard to explain but it also lingers in your hair which is nice. I also feel as if my hair is finally started to get the much needed conditioning it’s been crying out for all thanks to this lovely product! 

For a product that is under £2 you really cannot go wrong with this at all, I don’t think anyone would be disappointed.

Have you tried this product before? What did you think?


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