Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review

I finally decided it was about time I reviewed the Real Techniques Stippling Brush seeing as it is one of my most requested posts from you guys and seeing as my blog posts may be a little absent over the next few days due to my uni deadline I thought i’d give you guys a post that you have been asking me for 🙂

When I eventually got round to ordering my first bunch of Real Techniques brushes this brush was one that I added to my basket as a last minute buy due to so many bloggers and youtubers raving about it so I thought it was only right to have this in my collection.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush – Boots – (£11.99)

This duo fibre brush is designed to create a high definition and air brushed finish with the use of all types of make-up. The dual fibres are the main aspect of this brush, as it applies whatever makeup product used lightly to the skin whilst the shorter bristles of the brush softens and stipples by taking away any excess product. 

As I mentioned in one of my recent favourites post, I use both this brush and the RT Buffing Brush to apply liquid foundation but I hadn’t really been using the Stippling Brush all that much so I decided to make sure I got good use out of both of the brushes by using the buffing brush for when I want a more full coverage and then using this brush for a more lighter and softer coverage. Since I have been doing this I have literally fallen in love with what this brush does for my skin, it takes my liquid foundation and applies it so evenly to my face whilst giving it a soft, airbrushed effect that leaves a really flawless finish to my face that feels really light, almost as if i’m not wearing that much foundation. I also love how soft this brush is especially as the bristles do look a little harsh and stiff but they are really soft and feels really smooth against the skin. 

From what I have read about this brush it works really well also for applying cream based blushes, liquid and powder highlighters and apparently it works well for apply concealer also although I don’t know how true this is.

So that’s my review! Hope you are all well and also goodluck to anyone who is taking their exams at the moment!


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