Back to Brown, with Nice’n Easy

For a few weeks now I have been debating whether to dye my hair back brown and getting rid of my ombre, as I have had it ombred for about a year now and truth be told I was getting bored of it. My hair had become quite brittle and the ombre had somewhat faded from where I was dyeing my roots so this afternoon I decided that was that, it was happening! Whilst I wanted to show you guys my new hair I also thought i’d do a little review on the Nice’nEasy from Clairol permanent home dye kit, which I have always used when it comes to dyeing my hair.

Nice’nEasy Permanent Hair Colour – Boots (£5.99)

 As I wanted to completely dye over my blonde I opted for a darker shade of brown than I would normally go for, as bleached hair can be a pain to dye over. The shade I picked up was ‘Natural Medium Chestnut Brown 118C’ which for me is perfect as it’s not too dark so that it doesn’t wash me out but it isn’t too light that it wouldn’t cover the blonde.

Like most dye kits out there everything you need is packaged nicely into a little box, but for me I find the Nice’nEasy really easy and simple to use, with step by step instructions and each bottle/product labelled so you know exactly what is what so you have no excuse to make any mistakes. 

Overall i’m really pleased with the results, although it is a little darker than I had originally hoped i’m really happy with it. It has completely covered up my ombre and I no longer have ginger roots showing through, yay! My hair isn’t patchy at all which I find is always the worst part of hair colouring especially when you have no help like myself, but after dyeing my hair for over 3 years i’ve kind of got the hang of it.

If you’re looking to dye your hair at home then I would highly suggest you take a look at Nice’nEasy, they have a massive variety of shades for all hair colours, 54 to be exact and not to mention they are super cheap especially for a hair dye that works as well as it does. As I recolour my roots every 3-4 weeks, I cannot comment on whether it lasts the 8 weeks it is said to but I have never been disappointed!

So what do you think of my new hair?

Hope you’re all well and have enjoyed the weekend, i’m not looking forward to the hectic week at work next week but I will hopefully post a few times for you guys!