Getting that ‘Summer Glow’

With yesterday being the hottest day of the year so far I was not prepared one bit with my chalk white legs, which it’s safe to say I have neglected somewhat over the winter. Now the only way I can get some colour is to fake it as I have fair skin being naturally ginger which burns, peels and goes back white. So I thought i’d share my tips and tricks as to how I get my summer glow.

St. Tropez Instant Glow Face Lotion 50ml – Boots (£6.86)  , Garnier Summerbody Moisturising Lotion – Boots (£3.57)

I start off by preparing my skin as we all know you can’t just whack on the fake tan and expect it to look flawless without a bit of attention to our skin before hand. This is where exfoliating comes into it as it is the most important thing to do when it comes to fake tanning. I use an exfoliating glove which I picked up from Primark last summer, which helps to remove any dry skin and leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth looking. I next give my legs a good shave using a standard cheapo razor to make sure my legs are silky smooth and hair free. At this point i’m normally ready to apply my fake tan, as I use a moisturising fake tan I don’t need to moisturise my skin, I use the Garnier Summerbody Moisturising Lotion and apply it like a normal moisturiser all over my body leaving it to soak in for around 15 minutes before getting dressed. As this is a gradual tanner I normally start to see results around 12 hours later, so I normally apply this at night time so when I wake up the next day it’s developed giving me a nice even and non streak bronzed glow. As I tend not to apply this to my face I opt for the St. Tropez Instant Glow Face Lotion which I apply to my face making sure to rub it in quickly and evenly as this does tend to dry quite fast but it leaves my face with a nice summer glow which is quite easy to remove at the end of the day as it’s a wash off fake tan.

I hope you’re all well and are enjoying some of this nice weather we are having seeing as our summer will be over before we know it here in the UK!