May Favourites

It’s that time of the month again where every blogger posts their favourite products from the past month, I know these can be a bit tedious but I also love these posts as it gives me ideas for products to try out and I just think they are a bit of fun. I would have posted this a few days ago but i’ve been super busy as i’ve been working all weekend, but I can finally sit down today and get a focus to write this post.

So this month I haven’t really been able to try out that many new products apart from those in my May GlossyBox and Selfridges Beauty Box which has allowed me to rekindle my love for a few products this month, ones that got pushed to the back of my cupboards or were forgotten due to similar products which is why it takes me ages to use up products. 

Real Techniques Blush Brush: I’ve had this brush for just over a month now, as Amazon 

 reduced a bunch of these brushes at the time when I ordered this and as I had wanted to get my hands on this brush for ages I thought why not?! and I am so glad I did! I use this brush everyday to apply my blush/bronzer instead of using the Contour Brush (review here) which I had been using previous to this and it works so well to apply my blush so easily and gives a really nice finish. I will review this soon, promise.

Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara: I reviewed this mascara a few days ago, which actually I got in my GlossyBox this month which is rather odd for me as I never really review things from my beauty boxes but I honestly have really loved using this product, it works so well to add a nice amount of volume and length to my lashes that feels so light almost as if i’m not wearing mascara. Full review here.

Erborian BB Creme: I got this in my Selfridges Beauty Box and I was surprised to actually like this as i’m not normally a BB cream kind of girl but I really like the coverage of this one. It gives a really light coverage that is perfect for the weather at the moment but it gives enough coverage to cover up any blemishes or un even skin tone. Even though this shade is a little dark for me, it works so well when i’ve fake tanned and gives a really nice glow.

Anatomicals Body Scrub: This product is one that I think I featured in a previous favourites post, but I have rekindled my love for this, so much so that I have finished up all of this bottle! This body scrub is such a nice scrub and seeing as I have used up all of my Soap& Glory Body Crush Scrub this one has come in so handy. I love the smell of this and it leaves my skin feeling so so smooth, especially after shaving my legs.

Essie ‘Recessionista’: Another product that I have rekindled my love for this month. After featuring this in my favourite nail varnish post here, it made me remember how much I love the deep red shade of nail varnish and i’ve had my nails this colour on and off around work for the past couple of weeks.

So that is my May favourites! What products have you been loving this month?

I will try to make a couple of posts this week, but I am working crazy long days at work for the rest of the week so I can’t promise anything.


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