Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream Review

Now I know what you’re all thinking ‘why is she reviewing a whipped cream?’.. truth be told this is actually a hair foam/mousse, which confused me somewhat when I received this in a GlossyBox quite a few months back and I have recently rekindled my love for this product so I thought why not give you all a little review on it.

Conditioning Whipped Cream – Feel Unique (£12.55)

 Milk_Shake is a salon professional brand which offers a wide range of quality products to enhance and help maintain the natural beauty of our hair, by using the benefits of milk and fruit for wellbeing and beauty to satisfy the needs and wants of both consumers and salon professionals. Milk_Shake is a brand that I wasn’t familiar with before receiving their Conditioning Whipped Cream in my December GlossyBox last year, but appealed straight away from the quirky name and packaging to the range of products that they offer. 

 Anyway onto the product in question here. This conditioning whipped cream is formulated to condition the hair by keeping the moisture balance and by preserving the hair colour integrity whilst also leaving the hair soft, shiny and healthy. The milk proteins within this product help to improve the hair structure and conditioning special emollients give long lasting hydration to the hair. 

For me, I love this product! It lives up to everything it is said to and does wonders to my hair. I have been using this on and off since December, giving it a good shake and applying a small amount to the lower ends of my hair when I have just washed it and I then leave my hair to dry naturally. It leaves my hair not only smooth, shiny and feeling somewhat hydrated and nourished but it also leaves my hair smelling of what I would describe as a sweet hint of milkshake, which smells so nice! When I do use the product religiously for a few weeks, I can definitely see an improvement to the more damaged areas of my hair as they begin to feel and appear a lot more smooth. Now i’m not saying this fixes any damage to my hair because it doesn’t, but it does help to condition and make the hair appear healthier.

Have you tried out any products from Milk_Shake?

Hope you are all well and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.