Beauty Haul – Boots & TkMaxx #2

As i’m in Plymouth at the moment visiting my dad, we decided to head into Plymouth town centre nice and early this morning so we could have a chilled out afternoon watching some films and not really doing an awful lot. I managed to pick up some beauty bits and pieces, some things i’ve wanted for a while and others were total bargains that I couldn’t walk away without!

Revlon Scented Nail Varnish – Boots (£6.49), Maybelline ‘Mint for Life’ – Superdrug (£4.09), Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon – Boots (£7.99)

The first place we stopped off was Tkmaxx as my dad had to return a tshirt, so I happily browsed the beauty section as you can get some right bargains especially on the nail varnishes. I spyed this set of three Revlon Scented Nail Varnishes, now I never knew Revlon did a scented nail varnish range which really intrigued me and I liked all three of the shades in this set so for £9.99 I grabbed these off the shelf. Also whilst I was browsing the makeup section I noticed the Precisso Beauty Blending Sponge a dupe for the Beauty Blender with a dupe price tag to go with it, at £4.99 I couldn’t resist!

As my stepmum wanted to get a few bits from Boots, I also had a little browse at a couple of products i’d been wanting for a little while and before I knew it we were at the tills! The first thing I picked was the Maybelline ‘Mint for Life’ nail varnish which I first saw over on Lily’s blog and instantly knew I had to have it. Last but not least, I found myself browsing the Bourjois stand and before I knew it I was swatching away and ended up picking up one of the Color Boost Lip Crayons. I was skeptical these things would be another crappy overhyped product but not in my books, such a lovely formula and some lovely shades available. I can’t wait to use this!

Have you picked up any new beauty products?