Summer Edit: Blue Nails

After a rather long wait, the nail wheels I ordered arrived and it suddenly inspired me to do some sort of nail post. Following on from my Summer Nails post I have also noticed a lot of people rocking blue and green nails this summer, so I decided to go through my stash and show you guys my five picks for blue or green summer nails.

Sky High (£3.69), Ridley Road (£3.99), Poolside Party (£9), Easy Breezy (£5), Turquoise (£2.99)

As you can see, the shades I have chosen are very summer appropriate shades with hints of pastel mints coming through and blues which bring the cloudless summer skies to mind. Especially with the weather we’ve been having here in the UK, now is the best time to rock some summery shades.

Starting with Rimmel’s ‘Sky High’, a beautiful turquoisey blue shade that glides onto the nail with ease and dries so quickly that you can apply a second coat within a minute, top stuff. Next onto BarryM’s ‘Ridley Road’ from their Texture Nails range, is a lovely mint green that dries with an interesting sand paper feel to it that looks really cool on the nails. The Headline Colors ‘Poolside Party’ is one I received in a GlossyBox and basically forgot about, oops. It’s a lovely ocean blue shade that could brighten up any outfit within minutes. One of my all time favourites, the Topshop ‘Easy Breezy’ is my go to green, a kind of dulled down pastel green that is perfect if you’re going for a more subtle feel to your nails. Last but not least is the BarryM ‘Turquoise‘, which I have owned for years is a lovely sky kind of blue. I remember buying this a few years back in the hopes to add some colour to my nails during the summer and it has been a loyal one. I should probably repurchase this sometime soon seeing as it’s almost ran out.

Have been rocking blue/green nails this summer?