Shop my Stash – Makeup

It seems the blogger world has gone ‘Shop my Stash’ crazy ever since Zoe and Louise did a ‘Shop my Stash’ Youtube Video (watch here), but it really inspired me to go through my unloved products and pull out the products that I have basically forgotten about and would like to get more use out of. I’m going to be doing this as a little series so todays kicks off with makeup!

Sleek Blush by 3 ‘Lace’ Palette (£9.99), Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (£5.49), MAC ‘Please Me’ Lipstick (£15), Topshop ‘Innocent’ Lipstick (£8), Illasmasqua Medium Pencil ‘Elate’ (£13)

The first product that I have pulled out of my stash is the Sleek Blush by 3 Palette (review here), which I purchased a while back along with my Face Form Palette which has actually made its way into my daily makeup routine whereas this hasn’t, in fact I have hardly used this and it seems like such a shame because it’s such a versatile product. So with this warm weather i’m going to try mixing in these blush’s to create some really nice makeup looks. Sticking with face products, the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (review here) is another that I had high hopes of becoming a part of my daily makeup routine but unfortunately not with the main reason being I just don’t need to use concealer all that often or i’m completely missing the whole hype over using concealers but I do want to start using this again as I did love it when I first purchased it.

Moving onto lips, now both of these products are very similar seeing as they are almost identical in shades. The MAC ‘Please Me’ (review here) and Topshop ‘Innocent’ (review here) lipsticks are those kind of lipsticks that you love for a few weeks after purchasing them, then another lipstick comes along and you toss these to the back of your makeup drawers. With the summery weather i’m hoping to pull these out as I feel more comfortable rocking these pinky shades with a bit of a tan whilst sipping on a Nero Frappe!

The last product is one that I have never ever used since receiving in a recent GlossyBox and that is the Illamasqua ‘Elate’ Medium Pencil. Now truth be told, I was so excited about this until I learnt that it was a white pencil and I just thought ‘what am I supposed to do with that?!’ but after a little research and some suggestions this could come in handy with highlighting areas of my eye especially the inner corners so i’m going to give it a whirl and see how I get on!

Have you been pulling out your unloved pieces?