Wireless Festival Photo Diary

As most of you will know I have been at Wireless Festival this weekend, well Friday and Saturday with my friend Megan dancing our asses off and i’ve lost my voice from all the singing but I had the most amazing couple of days and I thought i’d share a small selection of snaps from the two days. 

I cannot put into words how amazing this weekend was! I got to see so many acts that I have been wanting to for such a long time such as Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, Iggy Azalea, Jay Z, Calvin Harris and so many more. I even went to my first silent disco and loved it that much we went again on the second day! The weather also played a huge role in the weekend with the sun making an appearance but luckily i’ve hardly burnt, trusty factor 50 was on my side!

You can see a small selection of videos on my instagram also, if you’re interested.

I wanted to keep this post short and sweet but updates will be back to normal this coming week as i’m not working all that much next week.