Essie ‘Croc’ n Chic’ Sleek Sticks Review

In my July Glossybox I received a set of the Essie Sleek Sticks and I was super excited to try these out as I don’t have the patience and time to do fancy nail art on my nails. As I can’t really wear nail varnish at work I took full advantage of having this week off by whacking these on my nails and so far i’m impressed!

Essie Sleek Sticks – Boots (£9.99)

In my July Glossybox I received the Essie ‘Croc’ n Chic’ Sleek Sticks, which as you can see are these really cute crocodile print nail transfers in grey and gold, sooo cute and chic! I’ve never used nail transfers before as I know they can be pretty crap but these have completely changed my opinion of them. These are super easy to use and fit to your nails really well as they are shaped to fit around your cuticle, come in a range of different nail sizes and are long enough to apply to acrylics if you have them. 

I started off by figuring out which transfer would fit each nail and then starting applying them to nail but pushing them down firmly until they were well in place. I then trimmed the excess right down and using various nail files, filed them down to my nail edge. I found that on my smaller nails, I could get away with using one transfer for two nails as my nails are quite short at the moment, which means I can get another use out of these in the future. 

All in all i’m really impressed with these sleek sticks, they are super cute and great ‘lazy’ alternative to nail art. Also, they have lasted pretty well on my nails as i’ve had them on since Monday night and they are still in place today, so much so that I don’t think i’m going to be able to get them off for work tomorrow! 

Have you tried any nail transfers before?