New in: iPhone 5

So if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you will have seen that I finally got my hands on an iPhone 5 last week after my mum did some top haggling over the phone (thanks mum!) and I just thought i’d share with you guys and the funky phone cases that i’ve already treated it to. 

(Just as a disclaimer, I am in no way bragging just merely sharing with you all)

As you can see I opted for a white iPhone 5, after having a black iPhone 4 for so long I fancied a change and i’m soooo happy I finally have a white phone, I just think they look a lot classier than the black ones. As most of you know the iPhone 5 is longer than the iPhone 4/4s and this took a little getting used to but I actually like this as you can get more stuff apps on the front screen now.

Phonecase – H&M (£3.99) 
Phonecase – Amazon (£1.29)

Now within two days of having my phone, I dropped it on a night out and i’ve already dented the back so I thought it would be best to get a phone case. I spotted this H&M iPhone Cat Case online and I knew I had to have it. How frigging cute is it?! Although this phone case is super cute, it’s also very impractical as the ears get in the way and I can’t put it in my pocket for work without you seeing the case so I also ordered the cheap Pink iPhone Case, which is the same as Hanna’s on Pretty Little Liars! I totally fan-girled for a second before ordering this, I just love it!

So far both of these cases have done the job as i’ve dropped it a few times and no more dents yet, touch wood! 

I was thinking of maybe doing a comparison post between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5, what do you guys think?? Let me know in the comments!

Have you got the iPhone 5 yet?