L’oreal Micellar Solution Review

Now, I know I spoke a little about this product in a recent post but I since I kind of felt that I didn’t give this product enough credit and that it really did deserve a more in depth review, so here it is.

L’oreal Micellar Solution – Boots (£3.33)

With the recent hype surrounding micellar waters and with so many bloggers going crazy for the much talked about Bioderma, I have been wanting to give a micellar water a go just to see what the big fuss was about. 

A recent addition to my skincare routine includes the L’oreal Micellar Solution, which I picked up randomly a few weeks ago after reading a few reviews on this product so I thought i’d give it a go. This micellar water is described as a 3-in-1 product, that dissolves makeup, unclogs pores and also works as a toner to soothe your skin. 

I’ve been using this for about two weeks now, mainly using this as a toner after my cleanser to remove anything my cleanser didn’t as I personally prefer to remove my makeup with my cleanser. Having said that, when i’m feeling a little lazy as I am one of those people who is known to opt for a face wipe to remove my makeup, this works really well also to remove makeup. I apply a little bit of this to a cotton pad and hold on my eyelid for a couple seconds allowing it basically soak up my eye makeup, which was really impressive even if it a little messy but when has removing eye makeup ever not been? After removing my eye makeup, using again on a new cotton pad and wiping all over my face literally pulls all of makeup off my skin and I can definitely see why this is described as a ‘purifying magnet’ as it literally draws the makeup off my face.

Overall i’m really impressed with this product, having 3 products in 1 is just amazing to me especially for the £3.33 pricetag. This is like the perfect product to have if you’re in a rush or you’re on the go as you can remove your makeup so quickly and effortlessly. I can definitely see myself repurchasing this, even if I am still intrigued by Bioderma.

Have you tried out this product?



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