Bedroom Details

As some of you may know I have recently moved house with my parents and even though my room is a constant working progress at the moment I really wanted to share with you guys how it’s coming along so far. A few of you have asked me to do a room tour, which I do want to do when it’s finished but that could be a long wait for all of us.

Bed Frame – Ikea (£105), Duvet – Ikea (£20 – not online), White Cushions – Primark, Floral Cushions – Dunelm

Shelving Unit – Ikea (£55), White Box – Ikea (£15), Floral Box – Ikea (£3 – not online)

Starting with my bed, which is the Ikea Leirvek Bed. I’ve had my eye on this bed for such a long time and I love that I finally have a double bed. As you can see I have a slight obsession for floral bedding, this duvet set is also from Ikea and I just love it! (I picked this up Sunday just gone, so i’d head down to your local Ikea if you’re thinking of picking it up). As I wanted my bed to be really cosy i’ve got a bunch of cushions to do just that, some are floral and some are just simple as i’m going for a simple feel to my room. Next is my shelving unit, now I was going to have this next to my desk but my room turned out smaller to what I originally thought so it is now a storage area for my hair stuff as well as random bits and pieces. The storage boxes are also from Ikea and i’m glad I managed to get them to tie into the feel I want for my room.

Moving away from furniture – I’ve been burning my Yankee Candle so much recently, mainly to help me focus with uni work and surprisingly it has helped, whilst scenting the whole house ha! I’ve also got a bunch of conckers to keep the spiders away, sad but it works! Next is a little sneak peak into my makeup storage, but for now i’m just showing how I store my brushes. Now i’m sure i’m not the first to do this and I won’t be the last but these candle pots from Ikea are so handy and look pretty at the same time! Last but not least is just a little look at my magazine collection, I do have more but they look pretty messy at the minute.

So that is just a few little details of my room. Hope you liked this kind of post as it’s different from my usual beauty baffle. Also sorry for delay in posts, uni work is taking over my life and my car has broke down so i’m currently hunting for a new one. Life ay’!

What do you think of my room details?