Bourjois Java Rice Powder Review

It’s review time again! I seem to be reviewing a lot of things at the moment, one because i’m kind of lacking inspiration and two I have so many things to review. This product is fairly new, but i’ve been using it for the majority of October and i’m loving it so far.

Bourjois Java Rice Powder – Boots (£9.99)

The Bourjois Java Rice Powder is a reinterpretation of their legendary Java Rice Powder from 1879, in order to celebrate their 150th anniversary. It’s ultra fine and velvety texture is said to boost the skins radiance, smooth the complexion and set your makeup in place.

 Can I first of all point out how frigging cute the packaging is, it was actually inspired by the vintage packaging of their original java rice powder and I just love the vintage feel to it! Now from what i’ve read and heard about this powder is that it can be used in a number of different ways – the first as a subtle highlight and the second as a translucent setting powder, kind of a dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders but no way near as good. I’ve been using this powder both ways but mainly as an all over powder to set my makeup as I do find as a highlight it’s a little too subtle for my liking, but it does work on those days where i’m going for a barely there kind of look that needs a little lift.

This powder has a slight rose tint to it with little flecks of shimmer running through, which adds a nice luminous glow to your skin that doesn’t look oily or shiny at all, in fact i’ve noticed since using this that my skin hasn’t been looking oily or shiny at all lately. Another thing to note, is the rotatable closing plate inside allows you to dispense the powder when you want rather than it going everywhere when you open it and losing about half of it on the floor, very handy indeed!

All in all I think this a great little product to have, it’s small enough to throw in your hand bag and it’s travel friendly packaging means you can use it on the go without any messy disasters.

Have you tried this product?