Real Techniques Expert Face Brush Review

If any of you read my recent boots haul (post here) then you will have seen that I treated myself to yet another Real Techniques brush, one that i’ve wanted for some time and now that i’ve been using it for a few weeks I thought it was about time I reviewed it for you all.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – Boots (£9.99)

The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, was the next obvious brush for me to get after the Buffing Brush from The Core Collection (review here), as the wider brush shape is designed to create a flawless base for your skin and works really well to buff in liquid foundation or cream based products such as cream blushers.

I personally use this to buff in my foundation, and have been for the past few weeks. I find this works well with all of my liquid foundations and works well to build any kind of coverage from light to full depending on what i’m going for. I find the wider shaped brush allows me to get into areas that the buffing brush isn’t so great at like my nose and around my eyes if i’m buffing in concealer and it also gives a really flawless finish. I do find I have to spend a little more time buffing in my foundation when using this brush, but the longer you spend buffing if foundation the better it looks with any kind of brush. I can definitely see how this could work well when it comes to using based cream products and as i’m wanting to give cream blushers a whirl, I think now having this brush has given me a little more confidence to go out and get some cream based products. I also gave this brush it’s first wash yesterday and it’s actually really easy to wash, as I find getting foundation out of brushes an absolute mission at the best of times!

I would definitely recommend getting this brush if you’re not wanting to splash out on The Core Collection or if you’re looking for a new foundation brush as it’s totally affordable and works really well.

Have you tried the Expert Face Brush?