Nars One Night Stand Palette

Yes, I know you’ve probably read a bunch of different reviews on this palette and I initially wasn’t going to purchase it, but when it came back into stock I just knew I had to have it. It was like fate, something that doesn’t make many appearances in my life and I couldn’t pass on this.

L-R: Devotee, Mistinguette, Orgasm, Laguna, Deep Throat, Goulue.

If you haven’t already seen or heard, this palette is a part of the Nars Guy Bourdin Collection for Holiday 2013. Taking inspiration from Bourdin’s colour saturated and sensual photography from the 1980’s, Nars have produced this truly amazing palette containing three signature shades from the Nars main line and three new limited edition shades.

Starting on the top row, the first shade is Devotee a lovely subtle highlight that I find quite similar to one of my Topshop highlighter’s but I find this lasts really well and adds just the right amount of highlight. The second shade is Mistinguette, which is this bright candy pink matte blush. Very scary looking but applying the smallest amount of this adds a lovely amount of flush to your cheeks for those days when your skin needs a little pick me up. The third shade is Orgasm, which i’m sure you’ve all heard of before and I think is one of Nars’ most hyped about blushes. Having never tried this I was so excited and I was not disappointed. This is a lovely blush shade and I love that it adds a lovely glow to your cheeks with the little gold shimmer that runs through this blush. Personally I think this blush would suit any skin tone, even us pale girls.

Now onto the bottom row, starting off with Laguna another hyped Nars’ product and the only bronzer in this palette. I’ve also wanted to try this for a very long time, described as the perfect bronzer and/or highlighter which I couldn’t agree more with. I have been using this to contour, whilst also using it as a bronzer and I love it. So much so, some people have complimented how nice my makeup has been looking recently. The second shade is Deep Throat, the last of the main line Nars shades and another i’ve wanted for a while. For me this is the perfect happy medium between Mistinguette and Orgasm, which I use on the days where i’m going for a minimal makeup look. The third and final shade in the bottom row is Goulue (don’t ask me to pronounce it!). For me this is very similar to Orgasm, but it’s that slightly bit darker and i’ve kind of been mixing these two shades together as they work so well together for an everyday look.

As i’m not a die hard Nars fan I haven’t actually used any of signature shades in this palette before, which is what drew me to this palette as i’d been dying to try them but I couldn’t justify splurging on them and i’m so glad I waited as this palette turns out to be cheaper than buying just the three signature shades on their own, bargain in my eyes! Unfortunately I believe this palette is now fully sold out, which is such a shame as this is a lovely palette, I do hope they bring the three new shades into the main line or into another palette at some point.

Did you manage to get your hands on this palette?