November Favourites

Can you believe that it’s nearly December?! Before we know it Christmas will be long gone and summer will be with us! Anyway, if you hadn’t of already guessed todays post is going to my November favourites.

This month i’ve been loving a bunch of new products, which has been really nice as I hadn’t really been loving many products things last month. Anyway, let’s get into my favourites this month.

First up was a no brainer for me with the Nars One Night Stand Palette (review here). After purchasing this about two weeks ago I have literally used it everyday that i’ve worn makeup, it’s my go to product of the minute and is definitely one that I’ll love for a long long time. Sticking with makeup, next up is the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation (which I will be reviewing soon). After finally purchasing this a few weeks back, again I have used this everyday that i’ve worn makeup and I just love it. It last’s so well throughout a long day and helps to keep my oiliness at bay. Next up is the Nails Inc Kate Space ‘Big Apple Red’ Nail Varnish, which has been the only nail colour I have worn this month. I love the classic red shade to this and is so fitting for the season and it lasts really well on the nails and the fact it was a freebie makes it even better!

Moving onto skincare this month i’ve really been appreciating my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. After finally repurchasing this after not having it my life for a good few months, my skin has literally thanked me so much recently. It works great to remove makeup and give my skin a good cleanse but I think i’m gonna need to stop using this soon just incase my skin starts to get too used to it. Lastly i’ve been loving the Boots Botanics Ultra Calm Day Cream as it has worked wonders to sort out my sensitive dry patches that have appeared recently. It really helps to hydrate and to calm the irritated areas whilst leaving my skin with a nice glow.

So that is my November favourites! What have you been loving this month?