Shower Time Essentials #3

With the clocks going back and bitter cold weather setting in I thought i’d do an updated shower time essentials, as they have changed a little since my last one. I’ve dug out an old favourite and added some new products into the mix recently so I thought i’d share those with you today.

Soap & Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel – Boots (£6), Lush Snow Fairy Showergel (500g) – Lush (£10.95), Tresemme Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment – Boots (£3.79)

The first product that i’ve been using religiously for the past month or so is the Soap&Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel. This has pretty much replaced the Sugar Crush Body Wash for the time being and I can’t get enough of the smell, it’s really hard to explain but it’s a sweet scent with a fruity hint to it, definitely give it a sniff when you’re next in Boots. It’s one of those scents that really wakes you up in the morning and lingers on your skin for a few hours.

Next up is the Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel, which I actually found whilst I was unpacking a few weeks ago and i’d completely forgot I had this. I’ve been using this along side the previous product and again I love the scent of this, it smells like pear drops. Not everyone likes the scent to this but I love it and it get’s me in a festive mood! I’ve picked a perfect time to feature this as it’s currently back in store as part of the Lush christmas products, so make sure you pick this up whilst you get the chance too.

The last product that has become an essential at the minute is the Tresemme Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment. As the weather has become bitterly cold at the moment i’ve noticed my hair is quite dry at the minute, well drier than normal so i’ve been using this once or twice a week to just give my hair a deep condition to get some moisture back into lower ends of my hair. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and looking a little more healthy.

So that’s my next instalment of the Shower Time Essentials series!

Have you been loving any of these products recently?