The Christmas Day Details

As promised, today i’m blogging some of the details from Christmas day! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas (if you celebrate it) and that you all had a lovely chilled out day, eating far too much food!

I had a lovely chilled out day with my family and it was lovely to spend our first Christmas in the new house with everyone. I woke up super early, but I eventually pulled myself out of bed around 9ish and helped my mum peel and prep for the dinner. We then opened presents around 10ish and as you can see I got the Naked 3 Palette and the Soap & Glory Yule Monty Set. I will be doing a ‘What I Got for Christmas’ post, but it will probably be after New Year as i’m still to celebrate Christmas with my Dad.. so I just included those as little sneak peaks of what I got but I am truly grateful for all the super amazing gifts I have received so far. 

After the present giving, I got dressed and of course I rocked my gingerbread jumper from Topshop all day. I also gave the Naked 3 Palette a whirl and oh my god, it is beautiful! I can’t wait to use it some more. Once the rest of my family arrived we sat down and tucked into our meal. My soup went down a treat and the roast was flippin’ lovely, my mum did really good!

Once again, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I hope you all have a chilled out Boxing Day. I’m not hitting the sales today unfortunately as i’m visiting more family but I sure will be when I head down to Plymouth on Friday!