HD Brows ‘Foxy’ Palette Review

It feels like it’s been forever since I last posted a review, i’ve been so busy and swamped with so many other blog posts that it feels like a part of my blog is returning after a long random break! As my first review of 2014, I thought i’d review something that i’ve been loving and raving about so much recently.

HD Brows ‘Foxy’ Palette – HD Brows (£19.96)

(Totally photo recycling!)

The HD Brows kit’s are well known and loved within the blogosphere, as they are hyped to give the perfect high definition brow look. I received my HD Brows Foxy Palette in my Latest in Beauty Glamour Beauty Edit Box back in December and I honestly don’t know what i’d do without it in my life.

This palette contains four eyeshadow colours, starting in the top left hand corner you’ve got Nude, down to Warm Brown, across to Dark Brown and back up to Carbon. With this palette, I believe any one can use it and it’s perfect for all different brow colours as you can mix the shades together to create your wanted brow look. I mix together Warm Brown and Dark Brown to achieve my brow look, but I could use either of these shades on their own also, and I find that my brows have never looked so good! Each shade is pigmented enough that you literally need to smallest amount on a brow brush, so I can see this lasting me quite a long time which for the price that it is, is well worth it. This palette also came with a brow brush and I think a mini pair of tweezers, which makes it perfect for doing your brows on the go if need be.

If you’re wondering whether to purchase one of these but the price puts you off a little, i’d definitely say that these things are worth every penny. I’ve honestly not heard a bad word about these things.

Do you own a HD Brows Kit?