Introducing Ginger & Co

Todays post is a little different as i’ve never reviewed a whole brands range in one go, but the lovely people at Ginger & Co sent me their entire range to try out and review, and after a couple of months of testing out their products I can now sit down and tell you guys what I think.

Soft on You Body Butter – Semichem (£3.75), Soft on You Body Lotion – Semichem (£3.75), Bathing Beauty Bubble Bath & Wash – Semichem (£3.75), Heavenly Hands Hand Wash – Semichem (£3.75), Double Up Body Wash – Semichem (£3.75)

Ginger & Co are a relatively new brand that is born and bred in England. Dubbed as a Soap & Glory dupe brand offering 1940’s inspired bath and body products, with their own individual scents and style. 

I was pretty excited to try out their range as most of you guys know, I love Soap & Glory but some of their prices can be pretty off putting at times so I was intrigued to see if Ginger&Co could offer the same experience but on a more friendly budget. So let’s get into this!

The first product that instantly caught my eye was the Soft on You Comforting Body Butter*, the main reason for this being that it actually got damaged in transit but that aside, this body butter has started off my body butter obsession. I don’t normally use body butters as i’m too lazy to wait for them to sink in, but this one has changed that. I love the marshmallow lemon scent to this that just lingers on my skin after applying, and it also leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturised. The next product is another that I don’t normally use and that it the Hand it To Me Dreamy Hand Cream*. Now, I have an endless supply of hand creams, but because I don’t suffer from dry hands I don’t tend to use them that much, but when I have felt the need to use one this is the one i’ve been reaching for. I like that the scent of this isn’t too evident, as there is nothing worse than a hand cream that has an overpowering scent. It sinks right in and instantly makes my hands feel all soft and nice. 

Moving onto more body wash products, the Soft on You Daily Body Lotion* is one that i’ve been reaching for a lot after my showers. Now, this body lotion is exactly the same scent as the body butter but a lot more creamy and quicker to apply. I normally focus on my dry areas, such as knees and elbows just to give them that extra bit of moisture. It sinks in so quickly and I love that because I don’t have to sit around for ages, I can just get dressed and go! Next up is the Bathing Beauty Moisturising Bubble Bath & Wash*, which I haven’t used all that much but it does an amazing job of creating a nice amount of bubbles for a warm, cosy bubble bath. It’s also a really nice shower gel alternative as it’s quite creamy and lathers up really well leaving my skin feeling soft and clean.

Onto the last two products and these are the ones that I have really been loving recently. Starting with the Heavenly Hands Moisturising Hand Wash*, this is currently sitting next to my sink and I use it every time I wash my hands. It’s gingery berry scent is lovely and leaves my hands feeling so soft and most importantly clean. If I ever manage to get through this huge bottle, I will probably repurchase this. Now last but certainly not least is the Double Up Creamy Body Wash*, this product i’ve actually almost used up as it’s been sat on my shower gel holder in my shower. I love the scent of this, very similar to the hand wash and it is just a lovely body wash. It also has an added moisturiser, so it makes my skin feel really soft and supple. 

All in all i’m really impressed with Ginger&Co, their packaging is so cute and colourful, and I love their brand name what with me being a natural ginger and all! Not to forget their products are so cheap, almost a third of the price of some Soap & Glory products! 

Their website is currently under construction, but you can purchase any of their products from Semichem and they currently have a little sale on!

Have you tried out any of Ginger&Co’s products?

*products were sent to me for review, but my opinion is 100% honest as always.