This Week I #5

This week hasn’t been an overly excitable week as I haven’t done an awful lot. I went back to work on Thursday and worked the majority of the weekend, which means this weeks post is a little short and lacking but next week will hopefully be a little more eventful.

Reorganised my storage shelves – I felt my storage system from Ikea needed a little lift, so I decided to neaten up the shelves with the use of my magazine collection and some cute storage boxes.

Spent the day in London – As some of you may know I popped to London on Tuesday, visiting galleries and fulfilling my need for some London air.

Rekindled my love for the Sugar Crush scent – I’ve been loving using this body butter for the past week or so and it just reminded my how much I love the sugar crush range from Soap & Glory. Crushed sugar and lime, heavenly.

What have you been up to this week?