What I Got for Christmas

Happy New Year! I’m finally back from Plymouth, which means I can finally get this post up for you guys! I wasn’t sure about posting this, as I didn’t want to come across as bragging (which i’m not) but I love these kind of posts so I thought you guys would too!

I’m so truly grateful for all of these lovely presents that I received from my family and friends, and I had a lovely Christmas. Anyway, let’s get into this!

As you can see I got a lot of bath products mainly from Soap & Glory products including The Yule Monty Gift Set, which I literally begged my Mum to get when it went down to half price as a lot of the products within it i’ve never tried. I also got the Once Upon a Lime Gift Set from my Dad & Step Mum, which I wasn’t expecting as these sold out so quickly! From my Step Dad’s family I received this Dove Radiance Gift Set, which smells friggin’ delicious! I love Dove products as they leave my skin feeling so soft! I also received the Sugar Crush Shower Gel and Sugar Crush Body Scrub from my friend Meg, and she also got me the Righteous Body Butter, which i’ve never tried before so I was pretty excited when opened those. 

Moving onto more beauty items, from my Uncle I got this lovely Lipstick Set which has some really pretty shades so i’m excited to try those out. Next up, from my Dad & Step Mum is this Animal Nail Set, which again has some really pretty shades especially for summer. If you read my Christmas Day post then you will know that I got the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette! Ahh I was so excited, as my mum wrapped this up inside a bigger box so she had me fooled big time! Last of the beauty bits, my Mum very kindly bought me the Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume whilst she was in Dubai last month and i’m so grateful as I love this perfume.

From my Dad & Step Mum I also received the Black Converse, which I did ask for and i’m so happy to finally have these in my life. I literally live in my Converse when i’m at uni! Moving onto the miscellaneous items and no Christmas is set without some alcohol so this Smirnoff Gift Set and Malibu Gift Set were happily welcomed. I also received a lot of chocolates and this lovely Starbucks Mug, which is my new favourite mug. Finally from my Mum is this lovely Canvas, which i’m going to hang around my desk area when I finally get round to finished off my room.

I also received money from some family and friends, which I spent during the sales so i’ll also be posting about what I got in the sales/what I spent my Christmas money on.. if you guys want to see that?

What did you get for Christmas?