Forgotten Gems

When I saw Amy’s blog post all about the products she’d once loved and had forgotten about it instantly got my inspired and I thought i’d to have a look through my hoarded stuff and surprise surprise I found a fair few things that i’ve really neglected for quite some time.

Starting with a few beauty bits that i’ve neglected for far too long. The Nars Pierre Hardy ‘Rotonde’ Blush is one that I loved in the summer, especially to add a little peachy tint to my cheeks. Admittedly this looks a lot better when i’ve got a tan, as I am quite pale and this blush is quite a bright one but it’s definitely one that i’ll be using a lot more now that the weather is perking up. Next is my Topshop Lipsticks in the shades ‘Innocent’ and ‘Beguiled’, both of these I don’t think i’ve worn since this time last year. I guess since my lipstick collection has grown these have just been pushed to the back, but I really do love the formula and shades of these especially Beguiled, it’s the perfect vampy plum shade.

The Botanics Skin Calming Day Cream is one that I loved back at the start of winter when my skin was just so irritated especially around the tops of my cheeks/eye area, which i’ve since figured out was due to the Origins Ginzing Eye Cream. This product worked so well to just soothe the skin, whilst also hydrating it throughout the day and it’s one that i’ll definitely be reaching for more as my skin has been a little off recently and this also contains SPF15. 

Surpsingly this next product was actually in my shower, just sitting there getting neglected and that is the Tresemmé Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment. This product is like a miracle worker, especially on the ends of my hair. It works so well to smooth out the brittle ness and leaves my hair feeling so conditioned. This last product to was in my shower hiding behind all my body scrubs, no idea why but the Soap & Glory Heel Genius is exactly that a genius for your heels. I often find after a long shower my feet (ew, I know) feel really dry and I used to apply this pretty much after every shower, no idea why I stopped because this product is amazing. I think it would work well for really dry hands also, but I don’t suffer with that. 

What products have you been neglecting recently?