Hydrating Skincare Products #2

As a lot of you seemed to really enjoy my first post all about hydrating skincare products, I thought i’d do a second instalment to that as I found a bunch of others products amongst my stash that are great for when you skin is in need of a hydration pick me up.

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Cleanser – Boots (£8), The Body Shop Sink-in Moisture Mask – The Body Shop (£12), The Body Shop Moisture Serum – The Body Shop (£11), Origins Drink Up 10-Minute Mask – Boots (£22)

As my first instalment focused mainly on serums and moisturisers, I thought i’d focus a little more on cleansers and masks this time as they are also really important when it comes to hydrating your skin.

First off is one of my favourite cleansers and that is the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Purifying Cleanser. Now this cleanser isn’t actually specifically designed to hydrate the skin or for those who suffer with dry skin, I just find that this is the cleanser that works best when my skin is in need of a hydrating pick me. It works really well to get right into the skin and remove any makeup or product left on the face, whilst also giving it a good deep clean. The formula of this product is very creamy, but also quite thick which is why I think it works well to make my skin appear hydrated and it also contains OxyGinseng Technology, which works to give your skin that boost it needs. 

Next is one of the newer additions to my skincare routine and that is The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink in Moisture Mask. This product does exactly what it says on the tin, giving the skin an intense moisture replenishment. I apply this usually at night, after i’ve done my cleanse and what not, applying it all over the face and then rinsing off after about 10 minutes. It instantly gives my skin that kick of moisture it needs, leaving my face with a healthy almost dewy glow that isn’t oily or tacky. Not to mention this smells great, and it’s a right bargain! Sticking with the vitamin E range, this next product is The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum. This is also a new addition to my skincare routine, but is one that I am loving, so much so it has replaced my Hydraluron for the time being. This product is one that I use normally in the evenings, applying just before my moisturiser giving it chance to work over night and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and replenished. 

This last product is one that I have raved about a lot, but I always seem to forget that I have it and that is the Origins Drink Up 10-Minute Mask. I love to use this every now and then when my skin is in need of a serious pick me up. Applying this all over the face and leaving for minimum 10 minutes, which often extends to half an hour just gives my skin exactly what it needs. Not to mention it smells like apricots, and it feels like your smothering your face in apricot yoghurt, it feels good trust me!

So that is the next bunch of products that I use when my skin is in need of some hydration.

What products do you use to hydrate your skin?