La Roche Posay Unifying Daily CC Creme Review

A few weeks back I was having a browse through Twitter as you do and I spotted a tweet from the lovely people of Escentual asking if any bloggers would be up for reviewing a new La Roche Posay release. I obviously jumped at the chance as I love La Roche Posay, I just find their products work so well for my skin.

La Roche Posay Rosaliac Daily Unifying CC Creme* – Escentual (£19.50)

The La Roche Posay Rosaliac Daily Unifying CC Creme* is formulated for those who suffer with sensitive skin that can be prone to all types of redness. This product is designed to both soothe any redness, whilst also offering immediate coverage and long lasting correction. 

Let’s start off with the packaging as i’m a sucker for packaging, especially packaging that is simple and minimal (probably another reason why I love La Roche Posay). I really like that this is designed to be stood upside down, meaning you’re not having to squeeze any product out or having to faff around when you’re in a hurry, it’s simple and I like it.

When I first used this I wasn’t too sure exactly how a CC creme worked as i’d never owned or used one before, but I figured that it would be a little more lighter than a BB creme, which I wear usually on a daily basis. On first application I thought this was a little too dark/orange for me as it does only come in one shade, which is meant to adapt to your skin tone and I think it does to some extent but as i’m quite pale products often come up a little too dark on me anyway.  

Surprisingly the coverage of this is actually really good, so good that i’ve been wearing this on it’s own on some days where I just need a little bit of coverage in order for me to look human enough to leave the house. It covers spots really well, although I do still use concealer underneath and i’ve noticed that any redness around blemishes is pretty much masked to the point that you can’t really see them. As for long time correction, I can’t really comment as I haven’t been using it long enough but I will definitely be using this well into the summer months, especially as it contains SPF 30 and the coverage is just enough for those hot summer days that i’m dreaming of.

Also, this product is currently on offer in many different places including Escentual where you can currently get a third off, for only £16.55!

Have you tried out any CC cremes?