Recent Purchases #5 – High End Lipsticks

I really wanted to get up another recent purchases post so that I could share with you guys the high end lipsticks that i’ve recently added to my collection, as they are all perfect for spring/summer and I haven’t heard or seen many people talking about these particular shades.

Even though my wages have been shocking these past couple of months, i’ve actually been really good with my money and I thought i’d treat myself with the little bit I had left from last month.

The first lipstick I picked up is the the Illamasqua ‘Glissade’ Lipstick from their new Glamore Collection, which I spoke about briefly in my recent favourites post. When I first saw blog posts circulating about their new collection I just knew that I had to get my hands on this lipstick, then to my delight I saw they stocked it on ASOS which means one thing, student discount! I love the shade of this lipstick, it’s bold pink with a somewhat berry undertone is just perfect for me and I will definitely be getting my wear out of it this summer, and it’s formula is perfect not too matte but not too creamy.

Next are two MAC purchases, which i’ve gotta thank my Mum for seeing as she picked these up for me on her recent trip to Australia. I’d been eyeing up these two shades in particular for some time but I wasn’t gonna just give up £30 when I knew she could get them slightly cheaper. Anyway, the first shade I got was MAC Plumful, which is in a lustre finish. Now i’m entirely 100% sure what that finish is, but I know that they are more of a moisturising finish and slightly less pigmented but still build able. This shade in particular I wanted as it’s the perfect day time shade and just gives my lips the lift that they need without too bold of a colour, whilst also lasting really well.

The second lipstick I got was MAC Lustering, again another lustre finish and this shade is one that I haven’t seen an awful lot about but after doing some research I decided that I needed this one also. It’s slightly more of a brighter pinky shade than Plumful but again is one that is perfect for the day time as it adds a nice amount of colour without being too overpowering. 

What lip products have you been purchasing recently?