This Week I #16

The weeks leading up to finishing uni are getting more and more boring seeing as i’m not doing anything except uni work, I just can’t wait to finish now! Last week has been one of those weeks also, I haven’t done an awful lot but it’s flown by again!

Finished uni for Easter – Not that this is all that exciting as i’ll still be trooping on with uni work during Easter as I have so much to do for this final project and not a lot of time left at all to complete it. One reason for the lacking posts recently also, please bare with me.

Made some cheeky payday purchases – Even though my pay wasn’t so great again this month, I decided to treat myself to a few bits that i’d been eyeing up for a little while. All I can say is thank god for student loans coming in just over a week!

Reorganised my makeup storage – I decided to neaten the top of my makeup storage drawer system by removing all the random junk that had accumulated and now I just have my brushes and palettes in clear sight. I can’t wait until I change to Muji storage, but i’m happy with how it is for now. I also can’t wait for a trip to Ikea, there is so much stuff I want at the moment for my room.

What did you get up to last week?