Benefit Rockateur Blush

A while back I won a lovely little giveaway that Emma Louise from A Day in Beauty was running and I won the Benefit Rockateur Blush! I was excited as i’d actually been eyeing it up for quite some time, so when I found out i’d won it I was overjoyed. 

Benefit Rockateur Blush – Boots (£23.50)

The Benefit Rockateur Blush is described as a rockin’ rose gold cheek powder that gives a provocative flush to the cheeks that is bound to turn heads. Can I first just point out the packaging, i’ve never known packaging to one, look so good and two, photograph so well! I just love it. This is actually my first and only Benefit product that I own, but it has definitely began my love for Benefit and I definitely want to try out more from them as I hear so many raving reviews about their products.

I’ve been using this on and off ever since I received it around Christmas time, but i’ve been using a lot more recently as i’ve been gravitating to using blush a lot more now that the weather has perked up a bit recently. I just love everything about this blush. The rose gold shade to it is perfect for adding a flush to the cheeks, whilst also acting as a slight highlighter from the gold shimmer running through it, and I find it really helps to warm up my complexion especially when i’m having a dull skin day. I honestly love this blush, how many times can I declare my love for this within one blog post? haha.

This blush also comes with it’s own little brush, which would be really handy when on the go but I just found it didn’t work for me as I much prefer a bigger brush, like the RT Blush Brush to apply my blusher but that’s just personal preference and i’m sure it would work well for some of you. 

Overall i’m so glad to have this blush in my life and I can see myself wearing this to death over the coming summer months!

Have you tried out this blush? What are your thoughts?